Hydration Pack

230ml Hands-Free Hydration Pack

x5 Sukbag Soft Flask

230ml Pack of five

Personal Hydration System

Sukbag comfortably fits thirsty Surfers, Walkers, Runners, Bike Riders, Cricket Players, Windsurfers, Miners, Trades People and Mums/Dads packing the kids lunch boxes with just the right amount of liquid. It’s hardly noticeable and hand-free that can be easily accessible in extreme conditions. The pouch is reusable, collapsible, freezable, and recyclable, or can be used as an ice brick to throw in the Esky.

Sukbag is a patented system which provides a hands-free personal fluid delivery system that will help you stay hydrated.

Our Hands-Free Armband Hydration System integrates seamlessly with the body allowing you to hydrate in any situation without the need to remove a lid. By conforming ergonomically to the upper arm, the Sukbag pouch provides an innovative and convenient way to store and access fluids, without the need to carry bulky water bottles.

The silicone bite valve is designed so that drinking is as easy as lifting your arm to your mouth. This simple product fits 230ml of water securely on the upper arm to allow a hands-free way to stay hydrated without slowing down, or stopping.



Meet the Team

Terry Ford

Company Director and Founder

Sharon Ford

Company secretary/Graphic Designer